He's made to feel isolated in a world of insecurity


No work has been done this afternoon again as we are having to support this amazing, caring, kind and precious gift to us.

Once again whilst hes playing out he's made to feel isolated in a world of insecurity. Peers failed by there own parents.

People continue to be mean and nasty to him and take advantage of his harmless nature. And in return hes made to feel less than them, we have to manage his wild emotional outburst and self harming.

Personally, I don't have faith that autism awareness will change a thing against discrimination against disabilities. Racism is still a huge issue as is sexism and so on.

We turn the other cheek and make blanket statements to cover the issues we raise or comments we make...being told "oh, he'll be fine". "He will have loads of friends". Highlighting my valid point that we just avoid real issues... It's easier.

Most importantly, you cant talk to the parents about it because they have less of a clue than the kids themselves.

This is why Kelly & I will work tireless with him for his self esteem and resilience and why we will work our hands to the bone and never rest until he has a future that's self sustaining and better than what any of them will ever have.

I wish people could teach their kids by leading by example and role model daily how to treat others.

This photo was taken whilst kelly tried to console him, he needs space in these situations and i thought it would be a moment to capture the harsh side of being autistic.

So with that we will sign out for the night and go play minecraft

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  • Ashley Wells

    This post made me well up. My heart breaks for your little one and anyone else that is made to feel less than <3 Thank God he has parents like you. So loving & caring. God bless you all xx

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