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Our Tv media unit has been cleverly designed with busy homes in mind with compartments for different media from sky box to consoles and DVDs etc

**Please note** images change slightly due to customer alterations which we welcome


  •  100% Solid Wood
  •  Oak Top & Redwood Wood Base
  •  Crafted By an expert craftsmen
  •  Fully Assembled
  •  Secure Packaging
  •  Timber EU Compliant


  • Height - 50cm / 19.69 inches
  • Width - 110cm / 43.31 inches
  • Depth - 35cm / 13.78 inches
  • Weight - 25kg


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We guarantee our products to be free of defects in the materials or craftsmanship. We love to show off the natural beauty of knots and grains in bare wood products such as our bath caddies and therefore we do not determine these to be defects. Wear from normal usage is not included in this guarantee. We believe firmly in creating enduring products and therefore use the very best redwood, redwood is a pine that has been viewed as better than any pine available in America and is a heavy durable material.

Your furniture may differ slightly in colour/appearance than that shown in the pictures. This is purely down to nature - every piece of wood is unique and will have slightly different markings, grains and knots. Saw markings from the timber mill vary in amount, shape and size from one piece of timber to the next. 

Surfaces may not always be totally level, in order to retain the saw markings.

Edges may not always be totally straight, as natural curves and characteristics such as knot holes and shakes are retained and sanded in.

All natural solid wood used in furniture manufacture has a moisture content which allows it to expand and contract in response to changes in temperature and humidity. Whilst this action helps to prevent serious splits occurring, it can occasionally result in fine cracks developing particularly where panels meet, but also in the grain. With waxed finishes these fine cracks are usually hardly noticeable. However, when solid wood is painted this characteristic is more prominent. 

Over time, as the wood matures, natural knots and grain patterns may become visible through the painted finish. We try to keep this to a minimum but fine cracks and bleeding of knots can still occur. These should not be regarded as defects but as characteristics of a natural wood product. If you do not wish to risk this happening, please do not choose a painted finish.

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