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Our solid wooden bath tray, with a luxurious farmhouse style.

Handcrafted by our expert craftsmen trained in traditional English carpentry, made from European Redwood measuring at 2.3cm. We have our new and improved bath tray to enhance your bath time. This classic yet modern attractive wooden bath tray can be filled with all your bath time favourites a glass of wine and a run of tea lights candles to help with the mood lighting.

Designed to fit most baths measuring at 2.3cm x 38cm x 69cm/27inches, but this can be adjusted. free standing or fitted baths, but we can custom make these beautiful bath racks to fit any size bath. Please contact us for details.

All of our products are made using only the best selection of English redwood, redwoods are coastal trees, so the wood is somewhat naturally resistant to moisture, humidity. Therefore, redwood is not injected with toxic chemicals like pressure-treated pine is, the most expensive of the pines this wood is truly beautiful. Each chunky beam is chosen and cut to size by an expert craftsmen before being passed through for three grades of sanding from 80 grit right through to a fine 180 grit for a gorgeous smooth finish. From here we carefully remove any sharp edges and sand to the perfect rustic finish, leaving in all those delightful features that only Mother Nature herself can supply.

Then timber is passed through to our very experienced polisher, who use the finest blends of varnishes, to attentively work into the natural grain of the wood to accentuate its beauty. Once this has been completed, the product is sent off to its new home!.

Personalisation is available by way of a quote, our standard quote is "... and relax" and will be this unless stated in a order note. This is carefully hand printed and sealed using the best quality paint and sealant to protect the quote.

Our wooden Bath racks come finished in our super hard Diamond-Coating finish offering maximum protection against water.