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Made from Solid Redwood, a sustainably sourced timber measuring 3.5cm in thickness. Enhance your bathroom with our best selling woodland bathboard.


Most standard baths are 69cm but do vary. Measure from the outside edge to the outside edge of your bathtub to determine which on you need

  • Standard Bath 69cm
  • Roll top baths or freestanding 72-80cm


Handcrafted by our expert craftsmen trained in traditional English carpentry, made from English whitewood measuring at 3.5cm thick to avoid the inevitable bowing you will experience with anything thinner. We have our new and improved bath tray to enhance your bath time. This classic yet modern attractive wooden bath tray can be filled with all your bath time favourites as well as your iPad a run of tea lights candles to help with the mood lighting (tea lights included) 

All of our products are made using only the best selection of English whitewood, Each chunky beam is chosen and cut to size by an expert craftsmen before being passed through for three grades of sanding from 80 grit right through to a fine 180 grit for a gorgeous smooth finish. From here we carefully remove any sharp edges and sand to the perfect rustic finish, leaving in all those delightful features that only Mother Nature herself can supply.

Then timber is passed through to our very experienced finisher who uses the finest blends of varnishes, to attentively work into the natural grain of the wood to accentuate its beauty. Once this has been completed, the product is sent off to its new home!.

Our wooden Bath racks come finished in our super hard Diamond-Coating finish offering maximum protection against water.


We guarantee our products to be free of defects in the materials or craftsmanship. We love to show off the natural beauty of knots and grains in bare wood products such as our bath caddies and therefore we do not determine these to be defects. Wear from normal usage is not included in this guarantee. We believe firmly in creating enduring products and therefore use the very best redwood, redwood is a pine that has been viewed as better than any pine available in America and is a heavy durable material.


EXPANDING WOOD - All timber will expand and contract throughout the year and acclimatise to its surroundings. This may occasionally make moving parts a little stiffer to operate and hairline cracks in grooves appear as panels move, these are all properties of natural timber. - simply rub a little candle wax on the runners attached to the carcass of the furniture. - We do not recommend locating products in excessively high or low temperatures, or where the environment is often damp as this may cause product issues.

SUNLIGHT AND HEAT - Avoid exposing your furniture to excessive heat as this can cause cracking. A minimum 30cm clearance from heat sources is advised. - Direct sunlight will cause the colour of real wood to change, even if painted or lacquered, especially if the furniture is placed near a window. Use in hot and sunny conservatories is not recommended. - Leaving items such as ornaments in one place in sunlight on furniture may leave a mark when it is removed. Such marks should blend in with time. - Never place hot dishes directly on to surfaces, use tablemats. Prolonged use of hot equipment e.g. a laptop, may cause scorching. - Dark rubber feet used on some equipment may occasionally contain chemicals that can permanently mark on furniture surfaces so care should be taken.

CLEANING - Regularly dust with a soft cloth and occasionally wipe with a soft cloth very lightly dampened with a mild detergent solution and dry with a lint-free cloth. - the repeated use of a polish containing silicone is not recommended as it will lead to a build up of a silicone film altering the appearance. - Dry product if wet after use.