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Our Elegant Oak Country Chic Shelving Unit is a timeless classic in our shop, nestled in the Cumbria Lake District in England. 

This will command pride of place in any living room. Characterised by our hand carved hearts, this wall shelf is handcrafted from slid european oak. It offers two shelves which are ideal for displaying ornaments, spices or cups and mugs. Whether placed in the living room, kitchen or even the bedroom, this resplendent piece is sure to catch the eye and solve any storage dilemmas you might have. 

It was in my grandfather's workshop that I learnt traditional carpentry methods that aren't taught today. He would often tell me that "If you bought cheap, you bought twice and I have since only believe in good quality, durable luxurious products that can stand the tests of time. Therefore, we never skimp on materials and we never use man made wood such as chipboard, MDF or veneers in any of our products

Dimensions 65cm x 51cm x 9.5cm